Simply bind your UIs
to an enterprise server

Dolphin Platform offers you an open source implementation of the presentation model pattern that lets you bind any frontend - whether desktop, web or mobile - to your server in a modern way.

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Sync your Presentation Models

The Dolphin Platform provides an easy way how information can be synchronized between client and server.

The presentation model API of the Dolphin Platform provides presentation model mechanisms that can be used to synchronise models between client and server. The platform provides client libraries for UI technologies like JavaFX, AngularJS or Polymer. All this technologies can share the same model with ease.

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New age client technology

The Dolphin Platform offers several client APIs for state of the art UI toolkits and technologies

Whereas enterprise servers survive for a long time the used client technology changes much faster. New platforms and technologies like HTML5, mobile or Web Components often need a separate client and most of the time it's very hard to integrate them. By using Dolphin Platform and its unified presentation models, the client-related code becomes a thin layer. And thanks to the several client APIs that are provided by Dolphin Platform even this layer is easy to handle. Now, there is no barrier in integrating a Polymer or JavaFX based client in your application infrastructure.

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Ready for enterprise

The Dolphin Platform provides a first level integration for JavaEE or Spring and a enterprise remoting layer.

All controllers that are defined by using the Dolphin Platform can be integrated and managed in the leading Java-based enterprise frameworks (Spring and JavaEE). Classes that are defined by using the platform can be handled like managed beans or services and provides CDI and security integration. The complete communication between server and client is based on the open source remoting library Open Dolphin that is already in use in several productive systems. In addition security features like an https-based communication is no problem.

Want to dive deeper?

We provide several documentations and tutorials for the Dolphin Platform

Behind the scenes

The Dolphin Platform is an open source project that was initiated by Canoo Engineering AG

The Dolphin Platform was created by Canoo to help creating complex customer solution. As an open source friendly company, we decided to release the platform as an open source project. By doing so we hope that the Dolphin Platform will be used in more projects than just the ones from Canoo. This will help the platform to evolve and getter better by additional project input. Even if the core of the platform was developed by Canoo we would love to find some developers that are interested to contribute to the open source project to make it even a better library.

Need commercial support?

The Canoo Engineering AG provides commercial support and enterprise modules based on Dolphin Platform.